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Serov Energy Wood Works

Our company was founded in 1959. In the USSR, this is the largest Enterprise for the production of supports in the structure of the Ministry of Energy production capacity up to 150 thousand m³ of transmission lines per year. In addition to the main products, the company is the largest supplier of joinery for     Ministry of Energy of the USSR.

Today, the company produces two types of products (goods):

  • Power poles (poles). In accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation for the domestic market and in accordance with the requirements foreign standards BS 1990-1: 1984 for export. Support length from 6 up to 13 meters, class L, M, S.
  • Sawmill products: lumber, planed timber.

The timber base meets all requirements, both for deliveries to export, and for the domestic market.

The location of the company allows you to ship the finished products by all modes of transport. Road and rail from the territory of the enterprise (own railway deadlocks) and river class vessels sea ​​through the port of Perm, carrying capacity of vessels from 3 to 5 thousand tons.


Tel. +7(960) 731-89-24

Description of production technology


Raw materials for the manufacture of wooden supports:                     


pine ordinary 1 and 2 grades according to GOST 9463-2016, harvested in the northern regions of Russia.                     


Impregnation process:                     


in the high pressure autoclave by the method (vacuum-pressure-vacuum).                     


Impregnating composition:                     


water-soluble antiseptic of the SSA family                                      


Antiseptic penetration depth:                     


85% - 100% of the width of the layer of sapwood according to GOST 20022.0-2016                                                                


Amount of antiseptic contained in wood:                                                       


not less than 11 kg per m³. wood                     




supports are marked with tags indicating the manufacturer, length, class of support, type of antiseptic, year of manufacture and batch numbers.                     


Service life in contact with soil:                     


at least 50 years from the date of installation.                     


Factory warranty:                     


10 years from the date of delivery                     


Legal address: 600022, Vladimir region., Vladimir, st. Stavrovskaya, 7, building D

Phone: +7(960) 731-89-24

Email: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Manufacturer's address: 624983, Sverdlovsk region, Serov, Avtodorozhnaya str., 16

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