Production of wooden poles power lines

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Production by the individual size of the customer from 1 m is possible

The advantages of wooden poles

Low weight

Thanks to this, transport costs are reduced compared with concrete supports. In private construction low weight reduces the number of workers employed at the facility construction;

Does not require special equipment

Due to its low weight, installing wooden poles in the ground is not requires special equipment;


Wood is a dielectric, so if it is used as a support Power lines, the leakage current becomes minimal;


Wooden poles transmission lines ways to withstand the bending load of 1.5-2 times more than concrete. So when icing, strong wind they are more likely to survive;


Wooden transmission pylons during the destruction will be held adjacent, so that the domino effect does not occur. But if there will be a destruction of the concrete pillar, then it is with a large sharen probabilities will cause a chain collapse of several more neighboring pillars;


Wood is much more accessible than steel or concrete;


A tree without any special harm may be in the flooded and saline soils. Reinforced concrete in such conditions does not feel very good and its service life is only 5-7 years;

Cheaper analogues

Wooden supports are cheaper than reinforced concrete - on average by 20-30%, and the service life of high-quality wooden poles is 2 times longer. The cost of the cost of ownership is qualitatively soaked wooden poles are significantly lower than on ownership of counterparts from other materials;

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We deliver across all Russian Federation and the CIS

About company

Serov Energy Wood Works

Our company was founded in 1959. In the USSR, this is the largest Enterprise for the production of supports in the structure of the Ministry of Energy production capacity up to 150 thousand m³ of transmission lines per year. In addition to the main products, the company is the largest supplier of joinery for     Ministry of Energy of the USSR.

Today, the company produces two types of products (goods):

  • Power poles (poles). In accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation for the domestic market and in accordance with the requirements foreign standards BS 1990-1: 1984 for export. Support length from 6 up to 13 meters, class L, M, S.
  • Sawmill products: lumber, planed timber.

The timber base meets all requirements, both for deliveries to export, and for the domestic market.

Tel. +7(960) 731-89-24

Legal address: 600022, Vladimir region., Vladimir, st. Stavrovskaya, 7, building D

Phone: +7(960) 731-89-24

Email: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Manufacturer's address: 624983, Sverdlovsk region, Serov, Avtodorozhnaya str., 16

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